7 Michigan-made munchies to satisfy any stoner

Michigan-made munchies

7. Sanders – Not just a fundraising gimmick from elementary school, Morley’s Candy Factory is home to Sanders’ candy and their gooey ice cream topping. Morley’s offers self-guided “stop-and-shop” factory tours. So roll up your favorite herb and take a candy-eating tour through the historic factory.Corny-home_page-image

6. Jiffy Mix – A true stoner panacea, with cornbread, brownies and an assortment of pancake and muffin mixes, there is a Jiffy Mix for sweet, savory and special treats. Don’t forget the backup tray sans hash butter before the munchies kick in!

Special Package rybas5. Mackinac Island Fudge – Whether you want to indulge in a slab of gourmet fudge or tear out a filling with salt water taffy, you will leave Ryba’s Fudge Shops satisfied. With flavors like chocolate peanut butter, turtle and german chocolate, no one would wonder why you ordered a 3-lb box at 2 am on a Wednesday.

rock & rye4. Faygo – Every Detroiter has their favorite Faygo flavor. Without question, I am devoted to Rock & Rye. A finer blend of Red Pop and cream soda you will never find and if you disagree, you’ve smoked one too many.

bettermade3. Better Made – Paper-thin with a satisfying, orange-coated crunch, Better Made Barbecue chips are the perfect snack food to kill the craving for salt that comes on after a good smoke session. And if you needed any further encouraging, Better Made has a line of snack foods called “Puff Stuff.”horizontal-waft-product

2. Kellogg’s Poptarts – With advertising that appeals to children and stoners alike, there is no doubt that Poptarts belong on this list. Prepackaged and typically consumed straight from the box, a toasted Poptart is a surprisingly rare treat.

menu-pizza1. Jet’s – A Jet’s deep dish pepperoni pizza with turbo crust is the natural companion to couchlock, 8 corners if you’re feeling fancy. Tip your delivery generously and binge watch Netflix.

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  • Andrew William Bridge

    I agree with most of your choices except for faygo & Better Made. I have always found both gross. the chips are overly salty with little resemblance to what flavor they are supposed to be. And the pop, well, even when blazin’ I avoid HFCS and Faygo is chalk full of it. I prefer the Made in Mexico Cocoa Cola over any soda made in Michigan.

    There has never been a strawberry pop tart I didn’t like and with the increase in weight I’ve had since I started toking, carrots with weed ranch is my snack of choice of late.