Strain Review: Murder by Death is 15-year labor of love by Michigan grower



Name: Murder by Death
Lineage: Crossed with over 10 different strains. Specificity is unknown.
Pheno type: A hybrid with mainly indica properties
Family: N/A
Origin: Clone & Seeds
Region: Southeast Michigan

Indoor Maturation: 60-63 days
Outdoor Maturation: N/A
Sex Possibilities: All types
Stature: Big, bushy with large top colas.
Yield: Medium

Look: Dense, Light green, orange, darker green
Odor Level: 9 out of 10
Odor Description: A blast of diesel with undertones of berry.
Taste: Strong flavor with a nice fruity after taste.
Potency: Strong with couch-lock characteristics.
Medical Capabilities: Pain relief, anxiety, glaucoma, insomnia, aching, migraine/severe headaches


Photo by Kevin Nash

When you get robbed by your own hired staff for everything you have in an ambiguously legal business, you don’t stick around; you pack up and set up shop somewhere new.

The original creator of the Murder by Death strain did just that. He left Northern California and made his way to the Great Lakes State. Now with a continuously growing legal operation under state law, he provides meticulously well-crafted medicinal marijuana to a variety of patients. He has spent between 10 and 15  years developing MxD, which has been crossed with more than 10 different strains.

Due to the still elevated tensions and high sense of security, the majority of his tale must remain in the dark. Though this is, through the expansion of his medical Marijuana business, he befriended two caregivers from Troy, MI, who gave us access to most of the information and samples of the MxD plant.


Photo by Kevin Nash

The two caregivers from Troy were born and raised in Michigan. Their upbringing was similar to that of most middle class suburbia. Somewhere along the road they caught wind of the cannabis culture, and it has now long been a movement they strongly identify with and believe in.

Reaching the age of 21, the Troy caregivers were legally able to grow for other people. Over a 5-year period, they have gone from one light and twelve plants in a spare bedroom to an operation with more than 60 plants.

“The only issue is that there are still many grey areas in legislation [in Michigan],” one of them said. “There is zero legislation on dispensaries, patient-to-patient transactions are blurry, and there is just too much ambiguity, flip flop, in the law.

“I would like it to be legalized for medicinal purposes. If you look at Colorado and their 36% tax, they’re taking the money that was once on the street and putting it in the state’s pocket … I have a college degree and a good job to fall back on in case it goes back to the way it was. We are providing a good service for our patients. The only way we’ll stop is if the state began to go backwards on legislation.”

The story behind the Murder by Death strain has portrayed many of the concerns, both negative and positive, with medicinal marijuana. Regardless, the fact still remains that Cannabis contains medicinal qualities that have been proven to help many.

“This is a strain favorite among our patients and they continue to request it for their medical needs,” one of the Troy caregivers said.



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