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Growing pot

Let’s face it: Marijuana has come a long way since the unabashed propaganda film Reefer Madness in 1936.

Not only have we discovered that pot will not compel us to shoot or sexually assault our friends as suggested by the 1936 flick, Reefer Madnessbut researchers and doctors are discovering new ways in which the plant is an incredibly effective medicine. More than 2.4 million Americans are state-licensed to use medicinal pot to relieve symptoms of cancer, chronic pain, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, AIDS and other ailments.

In Colorado and Washington, pot is legal for recreational use.

And on the national level, President Obama and Congress are beginning to discuss ending marijuana’s classification as a “Schedule 1” drug, which bars the use of pot because it’s considered to have no accepted medical value.

“The State of Michigan is ripe for change,” said Tim Beck, co-founder of the Safer Michigan Coalition, which is leading the effort to decriminalize pot in 12 more communities in the state this year. “It is highly likely every one of these efforts will be successful.”

We have more than a dozen journalists and reviewers to keep you current on laws, pot strains, new medical uses and unique products. Our pot critics will evaluate Michigan dispensaries, marijuana strains and edibles. We’ll profile interesting stoners, explore healthier ways to smoke and offer a nonjudgmental place to discuss pot.

TrichomesIn addition, Marijuana in the Mitten will pursue ways in which hemp can be used for paper, fuel and building material and explore the impact of marijuana legalization in Michigan and how it could help cash-starved municipal budgets.

As law enforcement continues to crack down on the plant, we’ll also serve as watchdogs and closely examine police actions involving medicinal and recreational pot use.

Let’s embark on this journey together.

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