Bringing pot to Belle Isle? 5 tips to avoid pesky cops

Belle Isle1 Getting stoned on Belle Isle has been a grand tradition of summer for generations of Michigan potheads. In a city long on stress but short on idyllic outdoor venues, Belle Isle has been the go-to spot to smoke a jay and enjoy some heavy outdoor chilling.

Belle Isle Conservatory

Belle Isle Conservatory

In the past, the local Detroit cops who patrolled the island had a relaxed attitude towards the weed and would turn their nose the other way when the blunt smoke intermingled with smoke from the barbecues. But now that Belle Isle has been leased to the state of Michigan, it’s clear that getting toasty out there is going to have to become a more furtive enterprise. The state and DNR cops now on patrol have followed up on their claim to “clean up Belle Isle” by making a series of pot busts in their first weeks of authority, including one that netted them over a half pound of prime Michigan ganja. Let’s be honest: Nothing short of a full strip search at the foot of the Douglas MacArthur Bridge would stop people from bringing their dope out to Belle Isle. But nobody wants to see a pleasure cruise turn into a ride in the back of a State Police cruiser. In that spirit, here are Marijuana in the Mitten’s top 5 suggestions for getting high on Belle Isle without tipping off “The Man:”

  1. Have a Picnic – Munching on edibles is as clandestine as it gets. Eat a cookie on the beach, then wander over to the Aquarium or the Conservatory for a few hours of bugging out on the diversity of life.
  2. Smoke On the Water – They don’t have cops patrolling the ponds and canals just yet. Rent a paddle boat or blow up an inflatable then light up a joint when you get a safe distance from shore.
  3. Pitch & Puff – The pitch & putt golf course is secluded and usually empty. Grab your wedge and a gram of sativa and channel your inner Tiger Woods.
  4. Get Out of the Car – Lighting up a resinous, trichromatic fatty while motoring along the Isle’s verdant 5 mile shoreline drive is a GLORIOUS pastime. Let it go. Take a deep breath. Let it go. Park the ride, explore the vast acreage that surrounds you and wander the woods like Thoreau until you find a perfect spot to deploy the chronic.
  5. O.K., You’re Still Gonna Smoke in the Car –  I know, I know, nothing can stop you. Just be ready to eat that shit when you get pulled over and don’t have a half-pound in your trunk, my guy.

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  • Andrew William Bridge

    You failed to make the first item the simplest: have a Michigan Park Pass. Without having the pass it gives the cops automatic probable cause to stop your vehicle and begin butting into your life. I’m surprised this obvious item was missed.

    • Pat Anstett Kiska

      State park pass or not, state cops likely would search anyone smoking pot, even George Cushingberry.

  • Idris Nia

    finally–news you can use