Why Michigan marijuana often falls short of Cali weed


As a native Detroiter, I take offense when I hear people say, “Yea, but it ain’t like that Cali weed!”

A good grower is a good grower no matter where they grow.  The main reason people believe California pot is superior is because so many Michigan growers leave out one of the most important steps of growing – curing.

Curing is the process of slowly drying and ripening marijuana to maximize the smell, taste and potency. I tell people it’s like buying a peach from the market: The peach may be edible but it needs time to sweeten. So you set the peach on the windowsill and let it ripen until it becomes sweet. Marijuana is the same way. After growing your strain, it’s dry enough to smoke but not yet ripe. You must begin the curing process.

After the marijuana is dry, place it in glass jars. Some people use 5 gallon buckets because of high yields. I personally don’t put marijuana in plastic containers because the plastic does not have the molecular density of glass and therefore does not cure marijuana as well. Cure Vault has stainless steel containers that act as a humidifier for the curing buds.

Place the jars in a cool, dark place for a minimum of 12 days. A month would be better, but that may be too long to wait to enjoy your hard work! I have smoked marijuana that had been cured for over a year, and boy, oh boy, was it killer!

Cured marijuana buds are harder, louder, and stronger.  As growers, we would be better served if we cured all of our meds to make them exponentially better. In Cali, they understand the importance of curing marijuana and have the habit of letting nothing out of the door until it is cured.

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  • Michael A Brouwer

    Important step some people choose to ignore…..but very important!

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