Michigan moves to legalize industrial hemp farms as market grows


You can legally buy thousands of products made of hemp – soap, food, fuel, clothes, makeup, paper.

But growing hemp in the U.S. has been illegal for decades. That is until Congress approved this year’s farm bill, which permits universities and state agriculture departments to grow hemp for research purposes.

Michigan is among 25 states considering legislation that would support the growing of industrial hemp. The Michigan House approved legislation earlier this month to allow hemp research.

The bills would allow the state ag department and universities to grow hemp for agricultural or research purposes.

Hemp has virtual no THC, the active ingredient that produces a high.

States are wasting no time because the industrial hemp market is growing nationwide and is worth about $500 million a year.

So far, 13 state have passed legislation approving industrial hemp farming – California, Colorado, Hawaii, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, Utah, Vermont and West Virginia.

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  • big_baby_zubas

    I really hope this passed, hemp production would be a giant boon to michigans economy, if people can find a market for the stuff that can be produced, anyways.

    • Kevin Ladd

      Dude… You can make paper cheaper better and more environmentally friendly and biofuel that doesn’t impact a food source (corn) I don’t think finding a market for something made illegal by the logging and petroleum lobbies will be a problem…

      • big_baby_zubas

        excelllent point, the hemp lobbys going to haveta step things up, it seems! HEMP FOR OIL!