Marijuana dispensaries, edibles may be legal soon in Michigan – finally

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Michigan’s medical marijuana law has two serious flaws: It doesn’t allow for cannabis dispensaries or edibles.

But that is likely to change after the Michigan Senate returns from an extended break on Sept. 9. In a major reversal, key Republicans are beginning to embrace the medical cannabis law approved by voters in 2008.

The reason? Mounting evidence that marijuana is a legitimate medicine.

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Senate Majority Leader, R-Monroe, who has long criticized medical marijuana, is having a change of heart after hearing more evidence of the medical benefits of cannabis. He told Michigan Radio that he plans to advance two House-approved bills that would legalize dispensaries and edibles after lawmakers return in September.

“This is for well-meaning people and it’s all for medical purposes. And [patients and caregivers] came and gave some moving testimony,” Richardville said.

“There’s so much to learn about that topic, and I didn’t know a lot about it. And I didn’t realize how difficult smoking is for some people and the different ingestion techniques that are important to them.”

House Bill 4271 would allow local communities to authorize dispensaries to sell marijuana to anyone with a medical card. House Bill 5104 would legalize the use of cannabis-infused edibles such as brownies, tinctures and oils.

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By Michael Brouwer

By Michael Brouwer

Last year, medical cannabis generated $6.8 million for the cash-strapped state.

But when it comes to legalizing marijuana for recreational use, Michigan residents aren’t on board, according to a survey last month.

So far, 22 states have legalized medical marijuana. Recreational pot use is legal in Washington and Colorado, where one of our freelancers went to experience the freedom.

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  • steve

    Why does the senate gets 3 months off ,when the rest of the tax payers don’t ??????

  • Jimis Genetics

    Quite funny how they talk about dispensaries and medibles about to be legal, then they put a link up to a bunch of dispensaries that happen to sell medibles.

  • Wayne Bernier

    I know of MANY dispensaries that are open for business everyday.Gaylord has at least three that I know of.Two of them are on the same street and within blocks of the state police post!.maybe up here in the northern part of the mitten the police and general public are more Laxed than down in the lower parts of the state,where I read about c.g. raids and such happenings almost daily that do not exist up seems to me that from m-72 north police dont bother patients nearly as often if at all.

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