Ferndale approves opening medical marijuana facility

The Church MB

A medical marijuana center will open soon in Ferndale to provide medical cannabis to state-certified patients.

The Ferndale City Council last week unanimously approved the opening of Meridian Wellness Center inside an abandoned liquor store at 1915 E. Nine 9 near I-75.

The center will be operated by three caregivers, each of whom is authorized under state law to distribute cannabis to up to five patients.

The center is as close to a dispensary as state law allows, although many operate at the risk of getting raided.

The state Senate is taking up a bill later this year that would approve dispensaries.

Ferndale officials said it only seemed natural to approve the center.

“Public sentiment has changed markedly in just the last five years, not only for medical marijuana but also for marijuana in general, so I think it’s only appropriate that we allow this,” Ferndale Mayor Dave Coulter told the Detroit Free Press.

Residents in as many as 12 Michigan communities are expected to vote on decriminalizing small amounts of pot.

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