Voters in Oak Park, Hazel Park legalize recreational use of marijuana

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Voters in Oak Park and Hazel Park approved legalizing marijuana for recreational use Tuesday, joining eight other Michigan communities that have already decriminalized small amounts of pot.

The measure passed easily in Hazel Park with about 62% of the vote. In Oak Park, the vote was approved with 53% of the vote.

The measure allows for people 21 years and older to use or possess up to 1 ounce of pot on private property.

Other Michigan communities that have decriminalized marijuana are Detroit, Flint, Kalamazoo, Jackson, Lansing, Ferndale, Grand Rapids and Ypsilanti.

Advocates hope to trigger ballot proposals in 12 Michigan communities this year.

While decriminalization is a step forward, it’s far from a perfect safeguard for pot users. For one, it doesn’t prevent law enforcement from enforcing state and federal laws that still ban pot. And police in some communities just ignore the new ordinances, saying state law trumps local law.

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