Detroit cops busted stealing evidence from marijuana dispensary

Six Detroit police officers are accused of stealing evidence from a medical marijuana dispensary, prompting an internal investigation of the city’s troubled narcotics section.

One sergeant and five officers have been removed from the narcotics unit after surveillance video at a west-side dispensary captured the cops seizing a box and never logging it as evidence.

It’s a common complaint from Detroit dispensaries, which have been under attack since the arrival of Chief James Craig last year. At least seven dispensaries have been raided and the evidence and cash taken by police, but none of the cases resulted in charges.

It’s unclear why Chief Craig is using limited police resources to bust dispensaries, especially since cops are unable to respond timely to violent crimes.

His office declined to discuss the case.

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Internal Affairs is investigating the narcotics section, which was disbanded last month and replaced with another unit. Earlier this year, Detroit police were accused of stealing drug evidence and TVs from the narcotics section.

Remember when a Dearborn cop ate too much pot evidence and thought he was going to die in 2007?

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  • Anjayla Stafford

    Well,well,well!! Looks like Detroit Police is at it again,stealing drugs,drug trafficking…tisk..tisk…tisk…!! All I have to say is that they are getting what they deserve,they ride around all day harassing people for no reason because they think they are above the law but this proves that they aren’t above the law and it also proves how dirty and corrupt and sorry they are!!