Strain Review: White Berry by Doc Jaws is potent Michigan creation

May 13, 2014

White Berry by Doc Jaws

Lineage: White Widow x Blueberry
Pheno type: Indica
Family: W.W. (India [Indica] x Brazil [Sativa]) x B.B. (Temple Flo [Purple Thai x Afghani] x HTAF [Thailand x Afghani])
Origin: Seeds
Region: Southeast Michigan

Indoor Maturation: 50-54 days
Outdoor Maturation: Photoperiod
Sex Possibilities: Female
Stature: Covered with trichomes that frost the buds.
Yield: Medium

Look: Slender and medium in height, with fresh green looks and single-cola dominance. The calyx-to-leaf ratio is good news for growers because she is easy to trim.
Odor Level: 7 out of 10
Odor Description: Similar to Blue Widow; heavy berry scent with light citrus undertone.
Taste: Light berry pine undertone.

Potency: White Berry’s hybridized genetics create a complex and versatile smoke. A crystalline Sativa head high. When smoked in higher quantities, an Indica-style body stone comes forward. Those who smoke lightly throughout the day, but want a deeper stone at night, may find that White Berry meets all their needs in one attractive package.
Medical Qualities: Anxiety, stress relief, mood balance, nausea, good for beginner patients.

white berry cannabis in flower

As Shakespeare, Marlow, and Webster taught us about redemption through Tragedy, it persists to be a constant tale in present day western civilization. The redemption that is now Doc Jaws started as an all-too-common tragedy, Cancer.

Many years back, the father of one in the tandem that created Doc Jaws had been diagnosed with Lymphoma. He underwent surgery and chemotherapy, lost his neck and shoulder muscles, along with his speech. He was bedridden and on a feeding tube. Although a tough site, after researching, Doc Jaws’ attention was focused on avoiding chemotherapy due to the plethora of negative side-effects. Unconventional, yes, but it was a shift of consciousness and culture that began much earlier. This event just happened to be the tipping point. There are many medicinal herbs out there that have minimal to no side effects; cannabis just happened to be the most accessible and relevant.

The time arrived and they put the research to work. Doc Jaws is on a mission to create products that are organic. For two reasons: “They wanted to mimic Mother Nature and our mission from the beginning was to avoid chemicals. Years have passed, we continue to learn, our methods continue to improve, and our patients continue receive a quality product. We wouldn’t be here if it were not for all those that helped us from the beginning – Ask not what someone can do for you, but what you can do for them – so we are here to give back. We want to help the patients by showing growers how to make their product more medically affordable and healthy while still doing it right. We are not only a product line, but we are here to be a powerful education proponent for the emerging medicinal growing industry and its strong culture.”

white berry strain review

Doc Jaws is a not only a caregiver tandem, but they have envisioned the future and understand the business capabilities. As a result, they have evolved from strictly a medicinal flower caregiver tandem to a full product line and education proponent for the emerging organic and indoor agricultural industry and its strong culture. Through interaction with the public, video, articles and conversation, Doc Jaws intends to educate the interested organic gardener. Doc Jaws will also provide products and services to the holistic and indoor gardening culture.


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